So on May 10th 2011 we will be travelling to 6 countries through Europe to conduct some of the final interviews in the production of this  documentary. We will be in Finland to interview The Finnish Aviation museum to discuss their history regarding the use of the Swastika symbol and also to see the reproduction of Count Von Rosen's aeroplane which was the first plane donated to the Finnish airforce and which bore the Counts personal stamp, the symbol its self. We will also be meeting with Finnish Pagans who also use the symbol.

We shall be visiting Estonia to meet with Estonian nationalists.

Then we travel to Lithuania to meet with Lithuanian pagans who still use the symbol and also which has been cleared in the courts and clarified as a Lithuanian historical symbol.

In Poland we shall be meeting a member of Falun Dafa to discuss their use of the Falun in the midst of a still sensitive Poland.  While there we will be visiting the Polish Hindu community in Warsaw to discuss the clash of politics and culture in regards to Swastika.

In Germany we will be hopefully talking to German politician Claudia Roth who highlighted a discrepancy in Germany's law regarding use of far right symbols. Swastika Reclamationists in Germany will also be interviewed and we will explore the clash between the laws of their country and their ideals towards a Reclamation.

We shall finish our journey with a nice glass of Carlsberg beer, visiting the famous distillery and taking in the sights of the guardian stone elephants which stand at the entrance bearing large Swastikas on their sides and maybe even get a chance to discuss the history of their use of the symbol on their pre war advertising.

On our return we will be filming interviews at one of Europe's only Swastika friendly festivals. The World Culture and Tattoo festival in Cobh Co Cork, Ireland. This was a festival we covered last year and where we spoke to irish Swastika Reclamationist Phil Cummins. We will also catch up with former interviwee, the artist Manwon. And so we will have come full circle.

We have approached many groups and institutions to fund this trip, but to no avail. Lucky enough we have good determination to make this journey on little or no funding. In our moment of need, some kindly supportors of this project have offered their homes and hospitality while we travel which helps with the micro budget that we will operate on. We are very greatful for this.

We look forward to sharing photos and tales on this site when we return

Dominick O'Cruadhliocht
Hi all.
 We will be in Europe starting May 10th to film the final section of the documentary. It is so close now after nearly 2 years of hard work and determination. Soon we will post our schedule so if you would like to meet us, add some info or even offer our crew accomidation we would love to hear from you. Just contact us.
 Enjoy the upcoming Easter holidays.

My Swastika
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